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Allergy Profiles

We have a range of allergy profiles and group common allergen tests. They include profiles based on geography, food types, inhalants, antibiotics, eczema, gluten, rhinitis antibiotics.

Autoimmune Screening

This is a screening for autoimmunity which involves the loss of normal immune homeostasis such that the organism produces an abnormal response to its own self tissue and we would review how to tackle the issue and help improve your health

DNA and Genetics Screening

Genetic & DNA screening is a type of medical test that identifies changes in chromosomes, genes, or proteins. The results of a test can confirm or rule out a suspected genetic condition or help determine a person's chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder.

Cardiovascular Screening

This is a screening to monitor how the cardiovascular system is performing and what steps can be taken to improve it if needed.

Drugs and Alcohol Screening

We have a range of drug & alcohol screening tests including Urine and blood tests.

Fertility, Paternity and Pregnancy Screening

We have a range of screenings in relation to fertility, paternity & pregnancy which will provide an in-depth understanding for conceiving as a child.

Hepatitis screening

We offer a range of Hepatitis screenings that will help detect the virus in your system.

Infection Screening & Review

This screening helps identify any infections that you are suffering from which doesn't show up in a standard test

Joint Pain Screening

We have a range of joint pain screenings to help detect the how, where and why you are suffering with joint pain.

Travel Screening

Comprehensive Pre-Travel Screen & Review, Comprehensive Post-Travel Screen & Review. We offer a range of travel screenings that include blood tests, bp monitoring and many other tests.

Vitamins Deficiencies Screening Profiles

Vitamin B Profile1 and 2. We offer a range of vitamin profile screenings that will give an understanding of what vitamins you are lacking and how we can help improve your health.

Syndrome screening

This is a screening and review for CFS where our medical staff may offer you tests like blood tests or urine tests to rule out other conditions, such as anaemia (lack of red blood cells), an underactive thyroid gland, or liver and kidney problems.

Thyroid Screening

We do a range of thyroid screening that include blood tests, urine samples among other tests.

Skin Conditions Screening

We offer a range of skin disorder screenings such Shingles, Hives and Eczema

Sport Fitness Screening

This a screening to discover your current fitness level with tests like ecg, bp monitoring, among other tests.

Metabolic Screening

Weight Gain/Metabolic syndrome Screen & Review. This is a screening to help get a better understanding of that state of your metabolism and how it affects your weight gain.

Pain Screening and Review

This is a consultation where we carry out an assessment of pain which can be a simple and straightforward task when dealing with acute pain and pain as a symptom of trauma or disease. Assessment of location and intensity of pain often suffices in clinical practice.

Inflammation and Swelling

We have a range of screenings for inflammation and swelling for example we have a screening for Rhinitis which is an inflammation of the mucus membrane in the nose. There are two forms of the condition: allergic rhinitis is inflammation caused by an allergic reaction.

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